23 Hours of Daily Reflection Para Selena (FreezeRay Poetry - October 2015)


229 Cooper Rd (Blackheart Magazine - May 20, 2015)


A Baseball (Cobalt Review 2015) - Semi-Finalist for Earl Weaver Prize


Abuse and the Cycle of Forgiveness (Elephant Journal - November 11, 2014)


After Party Pro-tip (I Am Not A Silent Poet - January 18, 2015)


Armadillidiidae (Maudlin House - July 2015)


Bad Bitches (Pink Litter)


Battle (Foliate Oak - May 2015)


Be Aggressive (The Bitchin Kitsch - October 2015)


Be Aggressive (Austin International Poetry Fest Anthology 2015) - print only


Beautifully Doomed (S/tick)


Because Flowers Are For Smelling (Peeking Cat Poetry)


Bombs (eFiction India) - print only


Calavera for Westboro Baptist Church (Maudlin House)


Calavera for Pat Robertson (Maudlin House)


Calavera for Donald Trump (Maudlin House)


Calavera for Skeletor (Defenestration)


Calavera For The Tea Party (Sediments Literary Arts Journal- September 3, 2015)


Caution: Go Slow (Drunk In A Midnight Choir - December 2015)


Collide (Boston Poetry Magazine)


Cool Cool Cool Cool Rider (Melancholy Hyperbole)


Every I Love You Lied Through Your Teeth (Boston Poetry Magazine)


Existing (Black Mirror Magazine - August 2015)


Exculpate (I Am Not A Silent Poet)


Father (La Bloga - November 3, 2015)


First Fastfood Heartbreak (Boston Poetry Magazine)


For Some of my Cousins... (I Am Not A Silent Poet)


Frances' Fingers (Silver Birch Press)


Get Off Your Knees Boy (Digital Papercut)


How To Kiss A Girl (Verse-Virtual November 2015)


Hugging The Curves To Your Sunrise (Clear Poetry - September 2015)


Hurricanes and Constellations (Clear Poetry - September 17, 2015)


I Am A Terrorist (The Bitchin' Kitsch)


I Believe in Santa Claus (Harbinger Asylum - Transcendent Zero Press) - print only


I Want To Hold Your Hand (S/tick)


If My Lover Was Aydian Dowling (Philly Book Review)


If My Lover Was Aydian Dowling (Red Fez)


In Lux (Black Mirror Magazine - August 2015)


Infinity (We Are Poetry Love Anthology)


Inked (Boston Poetry Magazine)


Jihadi John and the Juggles of Jingoism (I Am Not A Silent Poet)


Kicking Up Dust (Hobo Camp Review - September 2015)


Kiss is A Kiss (Elephant Journal - June 29, 2015)


Kung Fu Ninja Mom Protector (Silver Birch Press - Me As A Child Series)


La Comadreja (Star 82 Review - September 2015)


Lake Shore Little League Field #3 (Harbinger Asylum) - print only


Maestra (Crab Fat Magazine)


Making Love To The Sea (Rust+Moth - September 2015)


Making Love To The Sea (Houston Poetry Festival 2015) - print only


Mother's Garden (Atrocity Exhibition - September 2015)


Mrs Steward We Are With You (Lament For The Dead)


Nina (And The Tail Wagged on Anthology)


No Hablo Espanol (No Se Habla Espanol Anthology - August 2015) - print only


Patton and Gold Dust Woman (Silver Birch Press - November 2015)


Poems From The Capital Wasteland (Dangerous To Go Alone Anthology) - print only


Poets Are Never Lost (Entropy Magazine)


Puma (Boston Poetry Magazine)


Recluse (Dirty Chai - October 2015)


Relishing The Cucumber (Thank You For Swallowing) - BEST OF THE NET NOMINATED


Said You'd Give Me light... (Expound - September 2015)


Scrawl (Of/With September 2015)


Saring The Neighbor's Kids (Pink Litter)


She Did It Anyway (ITWOW Anthology)


She Leapt Off The Side of the Highrise (Five2One, #thesideshow - November 2015)


Skipping Rocks (Drunk In A Midnight Choir - December 2015)


Show and Tell Age 33 (Crab Fat QPOC Issue)


Shedding Expectation (ITWOW Anthology)


Sloughing (Silver Birch Press - I Am Waiting Poetry Series)


Smells Like Drunk (Crab Fat Magazine)


Sofa Series (Dead Snakes)


The Brazos (Silver Birch Press, Where I Live Series)


The Child Is Gone (Eunoia Review - July 28, 2015)


The Flood (Drunk In A Midnight Choir - December 2015)


The First Time I Made Tortillas (The Bitchin Kitsch) print only


Three Poems (Dead Snakes)


The Ghost at 229 Cooper Rd (Hobo Camp Review - September 2015)


The Difference (The Bitchin Kitsch)


The Military Diet Is Killing Me (New Verse News)


The New Mother of Exiles (Dissident Voice)


The Peacock and Pink Floyd (Maudlin House)


The Romanticization of Violence (Dissident Voice)


The Yellowstone Caldera (Clear Poetry - September 17, 2015)


Tiny Space Heaters (And The Tail Wagged On Anthology)


Trinity (Boston Poetry Magazine)


Two short poems (Hedgerow Issue 32)


Voracious (Black Mirror Magazine - August 2015)


Wake Up (Elephant Journal)


We Are Poetry (We Are Poetry Love Anthology)


Without His Wings (ITWOW Anthology)


Word Maker (Spring Fling, 'Scotland's Premier Art and Craft Open Studios Event)


You Can't Eat Money (Outrage Anthology - print only)


Your Nicotine (Boston Poetry Magazine)


Zoloft (Maudlin House)