Texas Penumbra (Dissident Voice)

Link to work: http://dissidentvoice.org/2016/01/texas-penumbra/

Texas Penumbra

I realized the Texas sunrise couldn’t be beautiful because of the shadows, the ever looming colossus of

weight that hovers right over every horizon, heavy with hate. We claim that love conquers all and we kneel

before a god that we claim thrives on that. But we kick up dust in the face of that infatuation. I knew I was

beautiful but weird. That this land nurtured me but was also systematically poisoning me. Like runoff in the water.

We lay on our backs holding hands perusing the stars, the spark, the expanse of who we aren’t because of the darkness.

The way some use the light as a disguise but bask in the killing of the sun; that’s where the destruction embarks.

I snap that photo that everyone says is so gorgeous. Just look at that landscape. It’s really too bad it’s a lie.

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