Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (Full of Crow)

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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

From as early as I can remember/I’ve recited poetry/every night before bed Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the lord my soul to keep If I should die before I wake I pray the lord my soul to take.

Every night/Poetry/Prayer/Promise Every night/A revelation into forever/and a promise for eternal life Every night/desire/fear if the poem wasn’t said/if the prayer wasn’t heard Every night/on our knees/holding hands as one/recitation in unison/communing. Every night/Poetry/Prayer/Promise/Love Every night/of childhood/of becoming

Where did those every nights go/into the abyss/lost in the questioning/forgotten by a mind too twisty to comprehend/prayers/poems/promises.

I get on my knees/I recite history/I relive the feeling of my brother’s/sister’s/mother’s/father’s/hands/I get on my knees/for poetry/for prayers/for promises/I get on my knees/

to remember.

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