Dos Pájaros (Drunk In A Midnight Choir)

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Dos Pájaros

for all the two-spirited birds of Pulse

The songbird sings

and pulls on the cords inside you.

We are it, doubled,

perched in the Evergreen.

Inside our song:

the fish swims with currents

it can barely breathe in

the wind blows with directions

that rival the river

the mountains move minuscule,

shifting the world in ways it isn’t meant to.

Two-spirits. Two-ways to move.

Two-ways to pulse, throb, drop.

Two-ways to break.

Two-ways to transcend.

We are the flight and the wings

on jet streams

that carry change.

We are that chirping osprey,

The one that drops the seeds of

evolution like bombs filled with love

the world can’t fathom,

the one they talk about,

that tears



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